Amy Vickers

Amy qualified as an antenatal teacher in 2016 and has been facilitating Cuidiu antenatal classes in east Cork ever since. Amy is passionate about birth and positive early parenting, and tailors antenatal sessions and 1-1s at whatever the clients need. Her focus is on evidence-based informed decision making, and building confidence and skills for labour, birth and parenting. Amy was a London-based journalist in another life, but left that to start a family in Ireland. Amy is also a Cuidiú breastfeeding counsellor and a mum of three.

Germaine Reidy Creevy

Germaine is almost finished her Diploma in Antenatal Education with Cuidiú. She  a birth doula and massage therapist with over 16 years of experience providing support to families before, during and after their babies birth. She spent several years working in San Francisco where informed decision making is central to health care. On her return to Ireland, Germaine worked closely with the Doula Association of Ireland to develop the doula profession and link expectant parents with trained doulas in their area. Her antenatal classes are open to all and include a wide range of information and options in maternity care. Germaine is delighted to be offering her Antenatal Ireland courses locally in New Ross, County Wexford and with Cuidiu Waterford where she and her husband are raising their young son.

Jen Crawford

Jen is a qualified Cuidiú Antenatal Educator and Breastfeeding Counsellor. She has boundless experience supporting families during their pregnancy, birth & postpartum experience. Jen has supported families from all different backgrounds, with many different parenting choices. Jen believes in supporting parents to make informed decisions that are right for their individual journey. Her classes are interactive, informative and full of up to date evidence and information on all of your options. She is also a Birth & Postpartum Doula and is co-owner of Ireland’s national doula agency DoulaCare Ireland and mum to Seth, Leon & Kayla, living in North Co.Dublin.

Liberty Lovett

Liberty Lovett is a Cuidiú antenatal teacher and breastfeeding counsellor based in Co. Mayo. Liberty is dedicated to providing comprehensive and evidence-based information to parents in flexible one-to-one or group classes. Cuidiú classes provide information that is not restricted by policy or practice and yet covers in detail all the options that are available to you. This comfortable, informal and unbiased atmosphere will inspire you to determine your own needs and wishes, exchanging ideas with other parents in the process while also having fun! Liberty is also a mother, a doula and a pregnancy yoga teacher. Liberty is happy to support you whatever your needs or wishes are with regard to pregnancy, birth or beyond.

Liz Gilmartin

Liz Gilmartin is a qualified Cuidiú Antenatal Educator based in North county Dublin. She is very passionate about exploring birthing choices and has great knowledge and understanding of the early days of parenthood and care of the newborn. She is a mum to 2 children and a childminder to many more over the years.

Mim Hanan Moran

Mim qualified as an antenatal teacher in 2005 and has been enjoying facilitating different formats of antenatal classes ever since. Mim feels very strongly that women have the right to be cared for with respect and autonomy for their own body and their own choices. Her classes are focussed on Informed Decision-Making and building confidence and skills for labour, birth and early parenting. Mim is also a doula, infant massage instructor, breastfeeding counsellor and a mum of five. She facilitates classes in both North & South Dublin.

Moira McLoughlin

Moira is qualified in Antenatal Education with Cuidiú and is currently engaged in Teaching Practice. She is passionate about childbirth and as a student antenatal teacher has thoroughly enjoyed learning how to turn that passion into informative classes for parents-to-be. Moira is also undertaking the Cuidiú breastfeeding counsellor training so that she can offer support to parents after the birth of their baby, should they wish to breastfeed. She assists at the breastfeeding support group in Cuidiú’s Dublin County North branch and is one of the hosts of the branch’s Bump to Babe group. Moira is mum to three children.

Niamh Cassidy

Niamh is almost finished her Diploma in Antenatal Education with Cuidiú and is currently engaged in Teaching Practice. She is a qualified Social Care Worker working many years with vulnerable children and adults in homeless services. Niamh also provides training in her Social Care job and has brought those skills to her new venture. She is passionate about evidence based care and supporting expectant and new parents to access this. She also has a keen interest in Vaginal Birth After Caeserean (VBAC), as well as supporting those who need, or choose, caesarean birth. Niamh facilitates Bump to Babe evenings in Cuidiú Dublin North East and is a Qualified Breastfeeding Counsellor and Mindfulness in Pregnancy Instructor. She sits on the Rotunda Service User Panel and has two little boys who have inspired her to do this work.

Niamh Healy

Niamh is an experienced antenatal teacher teaching since 2005 and tutoring trainee antenatal teachers since 2013. She teaches a unique weekly yoga-based class in North Dublin called Pregnancy Relax Stretch Breathe that combines pregnancy yoga, antenatal education/practical skills and socialising for pregnant women. She is the author of which is the Consumer Guide to the Maternity Services in Ireland. The guide is a ‘one-stop shop’ resource for information on every Irish maternity care provider and it aims to help parents to make informed decisions about their care during pregnancy, birth and after their baby is born. Niamh featured in the Irish Times in 2016 and got an opportunity to outline her philosophy around birth. Read more here. She is also a GentleBirth Instructor and Baby Massage instructor and has three children.

Rachel Nugent

Rachel is almost finished her Diploma in Antenatal Education with Cuidiú and is currently engaged in Teaching Practice in Laytown, Co. Meath. She was first introduced to Cuidiú when she was expecting her first baby. Both her and her husband attended an Antenatal Class with Cuidiu. They were introduced to informed decision making. This sparked a passion for all things pregnancy, birth and baby. Rachel is now a mama to 3. She was an engineer in another life, but retrained after her first was born. She is also a Babywearing Consultant, a Baby Massage Instructor and a Cuidiú Breastfeeding Counsellor.

Sarah McCann

Sarah qualified as an antenatal teacher in 2006 and now has a wealth of experience in teaching a variety of antenatal class formats. She is passionate about women making the choices in pregnancy and birth that are right for her and her family. In order to do this, a woman needs to be informed. It is her aim that her class participants gain this important information in an interesting and enjoyable way. Sarah teaches in North Dublin and also a practising midwife and mum to four children.

Sinead Magee

Sinead is almost finished her Diploma in Antenatal Education with Cuidiú. She became involved with Cuidiu in 2013 after the birth of her third baby. She found the support of other parents at this busy time invaluable and at times a lifeline! Sinead teaches small, intimate classes at her home in Dundrum focusing on informed decision making and choices during pregnancy, labour and birth. Sinead is passionate about providing evidence based, practical skills for expectant parents in a friendly, relaxed setting. She is delighted to be offering her Antenatal Courses in the South Dublin area.

Tara Durkin

Tara is a qualified Cuidiú Childbirth Educator and Advanced Breastfeeding Counsellor with a decade of experience supporting families along their pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys. Tara firmly believes in the right of expectant and new parents to independent, evidence-based information on all their options, so they can make the decisions that are right for them. Her classes support women and partners in making informed decisions, learning practical skills and building confidence for labour, birth and early parenting. They are also a wonderful opportunity to connect into a community of parents and an ongoing support network. Tara is also a birth and postpartum doula, co-facilitator of the Cuidiú Galway city breastfeeding group, service user representative on various local and national maternity steering groups and mother to three children.

Vicki Murphy

Vicki is almost finished her Diploma in Antenatal Education with Cuidiú and is currently engaged in Teaching Practice. She has a background in HR and recruitment, but gave it all up to work on a goat farm eleven years ago. After she had her first son in 2009, she was lucky enough to stay at home with him.  She found it very lonely, and was delighted when in her second pregnancy she was introduced to Cuidiú.  Vicki soon realised that this was a lifeline, and became very involved at branch level.  She was flicking through the national newsletter one day over coffee with a Cuidiú friend, and spotted the ad to become an Antenatal Educator.  Vicki realised that this was something she could give back to Cuidiú, and effective education for first time parents is something she is passionate about. She delivers courses in Cork.


Veronica Quadu

Veronica is a mother of two, and first became involved with Cuidiu when she was pregnant with her first child. She attended a Cuidiu breastfeeding group and found great information and positive support there, and in the many other events Cuidiu has to offer; so much so, that she trained as a volunteer breastfeeding counsellor and parent to parent supporter herself. She runs the Lucan breastfeeding group and supports the Leixlip group, as well as being a telephone counsellor. She is the coordinator of the newest Cuidiu branch, Dublin West, and loves being part of a dynamic and busy branch in which she has made many friends and benefits every day from being part of the “village” all parents need, at all stages of the journey. She is a qualified yoga teacher and particularly loves teaching pregnancy yoga. She also works as an office manager. She decided to train as a Cuidiu Antenatal Teacher as she is passionate about helping parents make informed decisions in order to have a positive and empowering birth and postnatal experience. She teaches mainly in the Lucan area.